Amazon Dublin City Graphics Project


This recent graphics project we completed across Amazon Dublin City campuses spanned over four city centre locations and included a range of different graphics and signage elements.

One element in this project was the install of full colour printed and matt laminated wall coverings in a presentation room. For this particular install a mix of 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm Foamex PVC letters were then applied onto the graphic to create a 3D effect.

24 lift graphics were applied directly to double doors of all lifts in full colour printed high tack vinyl with matt lamination, the bright colours and designs compliment the rest of the graphics throughout the buildings. A full colour printed high tack vinyl graphic was also applied to the lobby floor, this was laminated with anti slip floor lamination to ensure a high level of safety.

Phone booth manifestations were also installed using plotter cut frosted window film applied to the external face of the glass to create the desired privacy while maintaining a consistent design with the rest of the project.

Overall this was an extensive design project for numerous locations across Amazon Dublin City campuses and allowed our team to showcase their talent in a number of graphics and signage elements.

Amazon Dublin City Graphics