Whiteboards are now extremely popular with clients looking to enhance and modernise their offices.

Modernise Your Office with Versatile Whiteboard Solutions


These whiteboards can be wiped down and cleaned as often as required leaving absolutely no marking, a term often referred to as Ghosting. They are invaluable where a group of workers are having a brainstorming session and bouncing ideas of each other that are being written down and constantly changed. Available in a range of sizes and colours and also in a Magnetic form. The Magnetic Whiteboards allow you to move figures around the board and gets rid of the use of pins. When your meeting is over you can totally erase everything leaving the board ready for the next meeting.

Whiteboard Film means you can turn any wall in your office into a re-writable whiteboard. Our specially designed film allows you to create a feature wall by printing any design of your choice and doubling it up as a whiteboard with all the advantages of the above and it works out considerably cheaper than the glass option.

Back Painted Glass is now widely used in office designs and fit outs to give a real sophisticated finish to your workplace. They can be painted in any colour to tie in with your company branding and are also used for very practical reasons in canteens and kitchen areas as splashbacks to prevent unsightly marks and stains on your walls.

The paint will never scratch or bubble and they can be custom made to your requirements. If you are designing a new office or carrying out a refurb of your existing one please call Coatek Nationwide today on 0818 919600 to arrange for one of our team to call out and go through your options and give you a no obligation quotation.