Many things suffer “fading” when exposed to sunlight – e.g. shop displays, furniture carpets and curtains, photographs, works of art, soft furnishings. We recommend this UV protection window film particularly for shops, hotels, showrooms, furniture stores, large period properties, art galleries, museums – wherever protection is needed from the sun’s harmful rays.

UV protection window film

Our transparent film blocks UV rays by up to 99%*. We apply it discreetly to the inner face of the glass – enabling not only complete clarity for visibility, but also maximum protection. Our UV Protection window film can be combined effectively with most of our other window film products.


  • *99% protection against UV rays, which are responsible for up to 60% of fading
  • Reduce the time taken for stock rotation with window displays
  • Available as clear, natural tint, frosted and reflective finishes
  • Internal application
  • Up to 10 year warranty


Spec Sheets

Solarscreen Clear UVC

Solarscreen Spectra 33 C


Films Types Available

  • Solarscreen Clear 1 UVC – Carefully applied to any kind of glazing, Clear 1 UVC films are highly effective at absorbing the sun and moon’s UV rays. This film will protect items and furnishings exposed to light from fading and premature ageing.
  • Solarscreen Grey 30 UVC – Suitable for application to any type of glazing, Grey 30 UVC films are specially designed to filter out harmful UV rays, as well as a considerable amount of infrared and visible light.
  • Solarscreen Silver 50 C – Highly effective at reducing solar heat gain, whilst at the same time continuing to allow most natural light pass through. Solar glare is diminished, and its one-way mirror aspect guarantees privacy from prying eyes.
  • Solarscreen Spectra 33 C – A multi alloy film carefully designed to act selectively on the spectrum of solar light, offering the best possible compromise between transparency and performance.
  • Solarscreen Steel 50 C – Highly effective at reducing solar heat gain, whilst at the same time continuing to allow some natural light pass through. This offers a discreet solution for the reduction of solar heat gain thanks to the film’s neutral tint.

* It should be noted that UV Rays are only responsible for 60% of fading; the remaining 40% is caused by internal heating, lighting and indeed the make up of the product itself.