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Heat Build Up; The Simple Solution


Heat build up is becoming more evident even earlier in the year. Here at Coatek we are getting an increasing number of calls and enquiries about how best to curb the effects of solar gain both in residential and commercial properties. Excessive heat build-up in your home or office can make it very uncomfortable and often at the height of the summer, almost unbearable to go about your day to day tasks.


So what is the simple solution?


Essentially Sun Control Window Films are a cost effective and efficient solution, available in a range of varying tints so you can choose one that best suits the look of your home, office or business. They are proven to reduce glare and excessive solar heat build-up by 80% while still allowing in a maximum amount of natural light into your space.


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Clients generally tend to prefer sun control window film as a solution over installing curtains or blinds as they wish to retain their views and natural light. The one thing that tends to make people curious in the beginning is a lack of knowledge of how the films actually work to achieve these goals.


The answer is there are three different types of sunlight; visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light. Visible light is the sunlight that we see during the day, ultraviolet light is the harmful rays that cause sun damage and fading and then infrared light is the heat energy aspect of the trio. Window film reduces the excessive heat gain by reflecting the infrared light. Depending on the film it can also reflect UV rays but they still allow the visible light through so you can enjoy the benefits of it without the downsides.


When choosing your particular window film, the tints and finishes available depend on the specific range you choose but there are plenty of options, from natural look to mirror effect. Each of these will have different solar properties but our experienced team can walk you through all the options, provide data sheets and even send you some samples so you can make an informed decision.


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