The most common issue with glass and windows is trying to reduce the heavy amount of glare and heat that comes into an office with sunlight. The most effective solution to this issue is Solar/Anti-Glare Window Film.

This is specifically designed for its special performance characteristics in sunlight and has a range of colours to enhance any architectural finish; it can be reflective or see-through. This is proven to significantly reduce glare and excessive heat build-up by 80%, while at the same time allowing nearly full vision through natural light. This is our most popular and cost-effective solution.


  • Reduce heat and glare entering your office, retail space or home
  • Save energy by controlling heat transfer from external environmental factors
  • Allows maximum amount of natural light to enter the building
  • Can provide one way privacy enhancing the look of your glazing
  • Options for installation internally and externally
  • Available as natural tints and various shades of mirror finish
  • Up to a 10 year warranty