Environmentally Friendly Window Films Reduce Glare

Increase Productivity By Reducing Glare In Your Office


Modern office designs tend to centre around open spaces with large windows or glass panes to maximise natural light in the space. While this approach undoubtedly creates beautiful interior design it can hit a snag with the practicalities of dealing with the sun particularly with reducing glare and heat build up.

Sun glare or light disruption can be frustrating to endure especially when it affects your ability to focus on your computer screen. It can lead to decreased productivity, poor posture and even eye strain for you and your employees.


Reducing Glare in Office

So what are the options to reduce glare without sacrificing the overall design of your workspace? 


The good news is you don’t have to invest in a complete replacement of your windows or existing glass. Sun control window film will tackle not only sun glare but heat build up and UV exposure too. These vinyl films are designed to be easily applied to glass windows and doors to tackle solar issues in your home, office or business without obstructing your views like traditional blinds or curtains would. There are different levels of tints available for heat and glare which will give various levels of protection and visual effect.

Anti-glare and heat build-up films work in a similar fashion by reducing the amount of harsh sun rays that enter through the glass whilst still allowing natural light transmission. There are various levels of tint for these films which will dictate the strength of the film and the aesthetic affect.


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