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Solar Control Window Films FAQ


What are Solar Control Window Films?


Depending on if your issue is sun heat build-up, solar glare or UV fading there are a few different window film choices for sun control. These vinyl films are designed to be easily applied to glass windows and doors to tackle solar issues in your home, office or business without obstructing your views like traditional blinds or curtains would. There are different levels of tints available for heat and glare which will give various levels of protection and visual effect. UV anti fade film is completely clear so will not alter the appearance of the glass in anyway but can be layered with other solar films to provide extra protection from heat and glare.


How do Solar Control Window Films work?


Anti-glare and heat build-up films work in a similar fashion by reducing the amount of harsh sun rays that enter through the glass whilst still allowing natural light transmission. There are various levels of tint for these films which will dictate the strength of the film and the aesthetic affect.

UV Anti Fade film similarly blocks harmful sun rays however as it is a completely clear film it will not alter the aesthetics of the windows or doors once applied. This film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays which are responsible for 60% of fading of home furnishings, fabrics, photographs, art etc.


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How will my house look with Solar Control Film applied?


How the window film looks once applied will depend on the film chosen. Films are available in various natural tints and mirror finishes and each of these will have their own aesthetic affect. Samples of the films will be sent out once an initial conversation with our advisor has been completed. What we would recommend is that once you receive your samples you should attach these to your window or door to gauge how the final result will look, this can be done by simply attaching the film to the window with some tape.


What are the benefits of Solar Control Window Films?


Solar Control Window Films can make your home, office or business a more comfortable place to be by reducing excessive heat build-up in the summer months, removing glare on screens while you are trying to work or watch tv and reduce fading of your soft furnishings and home décor.

With the popularity of large windows or glass additions to homes on the rise, issues associated with the sun are becoming more apparent. Without installing window films many people resort to pulling blinds or curtains to lessen these effects but as a result are obstructing their views and making their homes too dark to enjoy. Window films allow you to have all the benefits of an unobstructed view whilst now having added protection which regulates heat and reduces glare in your home or business.


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