Primary School Window Film for Anti Glare

Ease Exam Hall Stress By Creating A Comfortable Environment For Students


Exam hall stress and sunshine tend to go hand in hand. It is well known that the traditional two weeks in June reserved for the Junior and Leaving Certificate Exams usually tend to bring with them the very best of Irish weather. Temperatures rise as the sun makes its presence felt and this can make exam halls up and down the country unbearable places to be.

From stuffy classrooms to school gyms with no ventilation, students feel the sun effects quite quickly.  Rising temperatures and un glare can make it very hard for students to concentrate on their exams. Window films are the fastest and most effective solution to easing this exam hall stress and in fact many schools now install them on all classroom windows for year round protection.



Solar window films will reduce excessive heat build up, glare and help to create an ambient temperature perfect for concentration. There are also films which have UV properties which prevent harmful rays being absorbed thus protecting students and teachers.

Available in a range of varying tints so you can choose one that best suits the look of your school, they are proven to reduce glare and excessive solar heat build-up by 80% while still allowing in a maximum amount of natural light.

We are often asked how is that possible? The answer is there are three different types of sunlight; visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light. Visible light is the sunlight that we see during the day, ultraviolet light is the harmful rays that cause sun damage and fading and then infrared light is the heat energy aspect of the trio. Window film reduces excessive heat gain by reflecting the infrared light.


Read a case study from one secondary school who has installed window film, check out our Solar Film FAQ’s or view our Solar Control product pages. Our team are always happy to chat about the options available and what best suits your needs. Contact us today on 0818 919 600 or 

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